News Echo goes camping

Echo goes camping

Echo the Wedding Camper

I was so excited to take Echo the wedding camper to Bundle o Dubs VW show at Marsh farm, Southwoodham ferrers, Essex. The show is for VW enthusiasts to show of their campers, buses, vans, bugs and beetles and to have a good time camping and making new friends. 

The journey to the camp site was so much fun, people just love to see an old split-screen camper on the road, we had so many waves on the way and other drivers are very forgiving of the slow speed and slight swaying over the road, she is 50 years old after all. At the event there were so many other campers and beetles to druel over, old ones and new ones camped up together for the week end, they all looked amazing. Everyone that passed Echo stopped to say how lovely she is and people from social media that had seen her photos came over to say hi and admire her, I felt very lucky to own such a beautiful bus. 

Over the week end there was lots to do including a show and shine line up, an 80's disco, a singer from the TV show the voice, some great bands, a bar, and lots of stalls to buy some great VW accessories, which I did including a dinosaur flag chosen by my brother, this is how Dino Dubbers was formed. 

During the weekend I met some great people and made some lovely new friends including a really nice couple from my home town. Both nights were so much fun, drinking and laughing till late with friends, family and new people that joined us. When we left we wanted to stay in touch with all our new dub friends so we decided to create a Facebook group and we named it Dino Dubbers. We now have 128 members and it's a great way to arrange future events for us all to attend. We've now planned a convoy of dubs to drive to VW action in September, I can't wait it's going to be so much fun. 

If you'd like to join our dub family search for Dino Dubbers on Facebook and join in the fun.