News The story of Austin from bug to booth

The story of Austin from bug to booth

Austin the photo booth beetle

Austin makes the front page in the March edition of

I received a message earlier in the year asking if I'd like to write an article about Austin to feature in the online Volkswagen magazine, very excited I said yes and got to work straight away. There was so much to write, Austin is 45 years old and has had many adventures not to mention his amazing transformation. He started life as a little yellow bug in Manchester where he was restored in 2013 before being brought in 2014 to be turned into a retro photo-booth beetle in Essex. Austin's transformation was incredible, he had a full re-spray by Gnasher a well know graffiti artist, a wicked sound system was installed and state of the art photo-booth touch screen with front viewing screen.

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Austin is a photo-booth favourite lighting up weddings, festivals, parties and events in and around Essex and London. If you want this funky little booth at your event book now at